Book Reviews

Hello there.

So basically my reviews work like this: I find a book. I read it. I type up a review. And I post it for your enjoyment.

I understand that you may not agree with me.

If you don’t, all the better– comment and let me know why.

I’ve had crazy kids cuss me out. Those comments will never make it past my screening.

However, you’ll notice that as long as you’re civil, I will not only show your comment, but reply to it. Some books have garnered a really good discussion that way and I personally love talking about books as much as I love reading.

If you think I was totally insane when I did my review, comment and ask me to re-review it. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. Sometimes, I’m too quick to judge. I am open-minded. I will try the book again.

In the event that you actually really maybe totally loved my review, comment! It goes straight to my head and it’s fantastic. Seriously. It makes my day.

If you, an author/publisher, want me to review your book, just email me and let me know:

You can also email me if you have a personal comment. That is also okay. Sometimes, you don’t want the whole world to know.

I am not one of those reviewers that is tight with publishing companies because I like to live on the same level as my readers. Alexander the Great was the same way.

This is how I judge books. First, I read them and try to figure out what kind of book they are. Is it character-based, or plot-driven? Then I think about how well they were written, how well that writing suites the intended audience, how original they were and then, I consider whether or not I had a good time reading it– because some books are guilty pleasures.

In my reviews, all of these things are discussed. My reviews are long. They can be harsh. I believe that is what sets me apart– I consider all aspects. So my review is based on my thoughts and opinions and it’s objective. But the score on the bottom (it’s out of five and each review contains the scale) is more factual. For instance, a poorly written book that had me laughing could get a good review, but a score of 2/5. There is also where I place it on the “By Cover” page to consider. I try to show them to you from as many angles as possible.

This was much longer than I intended, but I hope it clears some things up.

Keep reading, my friends.

That is all.


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