Hi Guys

I just got back from the Jungle.

Seriously. I was in Guyana (’cause I’m Guyanese).

My business in Guyana was family. I have been there many times before. I love my family, but I can’t show their pictures to you; what can I say? We’re private people.

However, I can show you some pictures of thing in Guyana. I call it Jungle because most of it is untouched. It’s quite beautiful if you ever get a chance to tour the interior. This time, I decided I wanted to visit Kaieteur Falls, which I’ve never done before.

We went through this company called Evergreen Adventures. They were a little expensive, but they treat you right. I would recommend them to anyone. We did their Kaieteur/Baganara package, but there are many others that I would have loved to do had I the money and time. I have been to Baganara quite a few times and it’s lovely. Kaieteur was definitely impressive.

Guyana isn’t a place for everyone. I wouldn’t call it luxurious, but if you have an open mind it’s definitely somewhere you can enjoy for a vacation.

For a Guyana voice that rings true, visit my aunt’s blog, GUYANA. I think it’s rather entertaining.

Here are four pictures, and I filmed a lot which I will put into a video and one day share with you.

This is a beach in Guyana. That is not the ocean, but actually the mighty Essequibo, that is flowing into the ocean where sky meets water.

The highest single-drop waterfall in the world: Kaiture.

If you stand on the edge of Kaiture, this is what you would see. Pure, untouched jungle.

Gorgeous Baganara resort.


Three Book Reviews on Books I Should Have Read When I Was Ten

What a long title. Anyways, point o’ this post is, I read some kids’ books. I didn’t like ’em very much. But I blame that on the fact that they were kids’ books. I got to thinking, before I wasted an hour of my life on each review, why not do them all at once, since I basically have the same feelings on all of them.

Before I start though, we should probably wrap up some plot holes here. Like the fact that sometimes I read kids’ books and give them rave reviews (ahem, Percy Jackson). I feel like there are some kids’ books that can transcend age, and some that are written just for the 8-15 age group. Harry Potter can; these ones can’t.

So our first book is called Viola in the Spotlight. It was about this girl– she was 15 I believe– and she had just returned from a school year away from home. It was a sequel to another book about her and I didn’t know that when I read it, but it made perfect sense. Anyways, Viola is a little film geek and she’s home for the summer and lovin’ it until her best friend forever and always (BFFAA, which comes up in that form a lot and I had no idea what it meant until halfway through the book), Andrew, starts acting weird around her (because he likes her; it’s pretty obvious even though Viola takes eons to realize) and her best girlfriend is hopelessly in love against her parents’ wishes.

Everything about this plot and book was average, regardless of my age. But if I had been younger when I read it, I’m sure I would have skimmed less. It was light and fluffy and lacked anything deep, but if you know a little girl who’s looking for a summer read, she would probably enjoy this. It’s age-appropriate, but nothing new.

The second book is Sean Griswold’s Head which tried to be a little more emotional. It’s about this girl whose name I have forgotten and her father has a disease that will basically leave him crippled. She’s really upset about it and starts pulling away from her family. Her school councilor suggests a focus object and she chooses Sean Griswold’s head. The more she focuses on it, the more she starts to want to get to know him which leads to a cute little romance. The ending drags and it’s all very predictable. I thought this book was like a Sarah Dessen for tweens. Again, good for younger girls but I’ve already heard this story a million times.

The last book is Eon: Dragoneye Reborn. It’s about a girl, Eona, who is pretending to be a boy so that she may train to become a dragon’s apprentice. It’s set in a fantastical asian world and was actually pretty well-written. However, I could barely get into it because I…well, frankly I’m not really sure. I guess the plot wasn’t holding up for me. remember when Eragon came out eons ago and then all anybody wrote was fantasy featuring dragons? Well this came off as one of them. My Nanee doesn’t like Harry Potter because she’s read lots and lots of magical boarding school books. Not to say that Harry Potter isn’t good; she’s just over it. So that’s pretty much what happened to me here. Maybe 5 years ago this would have been my book of the summer, but not now. I’m just too old.

All of these books are good for tweens and children and I recommend them to the youth of today. They would, in judgement against other books written specifically for that demographic, probably get 3/5.

X-Men: First Class Movie Review

Yeah, guys, remember when I used to see movies all the time? And now I never do. Not because of time. More because of poverty. I don’t get in free anymore since my brother doesn’t work there and now I’m just another poor student.

Anyways, I finally found $1o.50 and a friend and went and saw X-Men: First Class last night. I love a good super hero movie, and I’m pleased to say it didn’t disappoint.

Let me set some terms down before I go any further though. So, I’m big on super heroes. I love them. I’ve seen a lot of their movies. The best, I think, was Spider Man 2, which had a lot of emotion and a lot of action. It was just fantastic. The Dark Knight was good, but I thought it was too long. Iron Man is fun, but it’s not as deep. The other X-Men were alright; I enjoyed them but I wouldn’t call them anything special.

This one though, I would. So from what I’ve read about the director, he was looking not to line it up with the other movies, but to sort of reboot it. Which I’m glad for because I would love to see more of this cast if possible. I like them way more than the other X-Men cast.

It’s probably because I knew all of these people from other movies that I loved. James McAvoy from Penelope and Narnia, Michael Fassbender from Inglorious Basterds, Nicholas Hoult from Skins. It was great seeing them in new roles, and mostly getting to see more of them. I thought the acting was quite nice. Sometimes in teen-oriented movies, people give up acting skills for explosions and looks, but this one had a nice balance.

The historical backdrop was different in a good way. I’ve always thought the Cold War era was an interesting time. The only thing is, during the movie there was this giant map of the world on the wall and it had all the countries in color blocks and over the USSR it said Russia. I mean, I guess if they’re fighting Russia at the time it makes sense, but Russia was only a state within it, so shouldn’t the whole thing have been labeled USSR? Maybe I missed it. Perhaps I’ll just have to watch it again and find out.

Anyways, it was good acting with a good plot and a good message (Mutant and Proud, guys), and good special effects and a good script, but what made the movie for me was the end. Where Magneto and Professor X argue. I almost cried, guys. I almost cried. I won’t say exactly why ’cause I don’t want to ruin it, but it was quite moving. For me at least.

Basically, I walked out of this feeling very content and pretty pleased that my $10.50 and friend hadn’t gone to waste.



Son of Neptune Preview

Hey guys. Sorry that my first post in so long is this short, but I’ll be back soon. Really. Anyways, I wanted to share a preview for Son of Neptune the next book in the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.

Read it here. And visit the full on website here.

I was pretty much geeking out all over this because, as I suspected, the first chapter was….Percy! Seriously, reading that just made my day. I can’t wait until the book comes out. Just a few more months.

Well, that’s all. Keep cool, guys.


More Book News

The Inheritance Cycle will finally be done.


I have been waiting (not always eagerly, but still waiting) for this for a long, long, long time. And now it’s finally here. Well, actually, it’s being released in November (on the 8th) of 2011, but still. I like knowing that it’s actually going to happen. You can, if you wish, reserve your copy at the Barnes and Nobles website and soon Amazon too. I will try and get a copy as soon as the book comes out so that I can review it as soon as possible.

Also, the Hunger Games actress for Katniss has been casted: Oscar nominated Jennifer Lawrence got the role. I personally think she’s too…well, hot, for the role. I mean, she is gorgeous but that isn’t what Katniss was about. I’m not saying the actress should be ugly, but I would have thought the young Hailee Steinfeld would have been better. Not because she isn’t pretty, because she is, but because her beauty is more subtle– something that I think suites the character better.

But, nevertheless, it is a given that she can act and in the end, I suppose that is what matters most. I hope the rest of the movie is cast well. I’m really excited for it.