Black Swan Movie Review

Wow. Just, wow. This has to be one of my the best movies I’ve seen all year, and it’s only January. Wow. I’m not going to waste time telling you what it’s about because everything you think from a trailer is wrong, and if I told you what was right, I would ruin the story.

 Although, the chances of me knowing what actually happened are tough, because Natalie Portman’s character Nina has a hard time telling les from reality, and I don’t want to give anything away, but I will say that everything she goes through and feels,  every complex emotion and bit of worry or hate, you feel too. That’s where the brilliance and drama of it comes in. Her acting is so complete, that I felt her story. Every piece of it.

Normally, I would say for a drama that it would be just as good at home as it would be in theatres, but that’s not the case here. Pay for this movie. The special effects that create some stunning scenes (you’ll know them when you see them) that embody the beauty of ballet. But more importantly, the Tchaikovsky soundtrack was in some ways even more fitting here than it was when I saw the Swan Lake ballet, and as his musical mastery attacks you from all sides, Portman’s performance is brought to even greater heights.

I must include a warning: this movie was in no way lighthearted or easy to watch. It is emotional, tough, scary and bloody. If you can’t handle that, don’t see it. You have been warned.

Perfect from start to finish, Black Swan is both as dark and stunning as its name implies.


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