Is That a Challenge?

Why yes, it is.

So I’ve decided to join YAReads Book Bucket Challenge. Because clearly, despite the massive amounts of homework I always have, I seem to have too much free time on my hands. Clearly.

Ha. As if.

Anyways, I encourage all readers (is there like, what, 20 of you? Oh God, I’m pathetic) to join in because reading is fun! So. Much. Fun.

And this is reading for pure pleasure. Can’t be a book that is in my To Be Read for Reviewing Purposes In Hopes That Someone Important Will Actually Read My Blog pile, or any one of the sort. Just…a book. An innocent unsuspecting book. That will be read.

And then reviewed, because that’s the rule. Read to be reviewed; can’t be read for a review. Got it? It’s easy!

What I’m reading:

1. The Count of Monte Cristo

2. Across the Universe

3.  Mortal Instruments Trilogy (because after reading Clockwork Angel, I’ve decided to give the series a second chance)

4. Maximum Ride Series

5.  Bartimaeus: The Ring of Solomon

6. What Happened to Good-bye?

7. Sequel to Matched (which has been reviewed, by the way)

8. Sequel to Nightshade (ditto)

9. I am Number Four

10. The Piper’s Son

11. Never Let Me Go

12. Crescendo

I know this doesn’t sound too far from what I normally read, but these are all books I want to read, and have been meaning to for some time but haven’t for various reason. Such as me, taking on a YA challenge of my own making and going through a series of horrid books only to discover that the one I enjoyed most was the one I expected to hate. Yeah.

Moving on.

Join in the fun. Please.

As you can see, my sanity is at stake. And did I mention there was a prize?

You know you want to.


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  1. this is an interesting challenge, although I think I’ve joined enough for the coming year I am excited to see your reviews for these and I hope you enjoy them! I have not read any of them but I do have a copy of across the universe so that will likely get read in the next couple weeks.

  2. Do I sense a me-drinking-water reference in the title of this post? :P


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