Tron: Legacy Movie Review

This movie was in a word, cool. Not mind-blowing like Avatar or touching like Tangled or fascinating like Inception, but it was, you know, cool.

It appeals to the inner imagineer inside: what would you create without limits? The main character’s father was set to make a utopia inside a digital world of his own making; however he gets lost in it, leaving his son, Sam, behind. Years later, Sam is literally pulled into his father’s world to find that it has gone astray and his father is in hiding from his own creations. Reunited and with some new friends, particularly the kick-ass Quorra (I loved her hair), father and son set out to escape before the father’s creations enter our real world and in a sense, destroy it.

(I apologize if that sounded confusing. I missed the first 10 minutes of the movie and I didn’t catch the name of everything.)

So Tron  had a pretty basic plot: escape and defeat the bad guys. It was held up by pretty good acting, and some seriously cool visual effects. I was engrossed while I watched and I liked the relationships between creation and creator as well as father and son that were brought up, though I do wish that they had been explored a bit more.

The action was good and I liked the end, though the final scene I would have executed a little differently to get a different more finished feel.

At times, things seemed to happen incohesively. What I mean is that Sam and the people of his father’s digi world had these disks that could be used as weapons and sometimes I swear Sam would throw his and never pick it back up and then in the next scene have it again. Also, (mild spoiler alert) there was a point when one of the dad’s creations was dying and it fell to what I thought was its death but usually when creations die they explode into little pixels and this one didn’t and I was confused….

Ah. I should stop. I thought the movie was cool. I had a free pass to use so I didn’t pay, but honestly, I’d say this would be equally fun in the home theatre as it would on the big screen. If you’ve been psyched for this for months and have seen the old Tron and liked that, then you probably won’t be disappointed. If not, DVD /Blu-Ray will suit you just fine.

There were concepts that were, for me, original and definitely something I will be thinking about for a while. Like I said, Tron was cool. And cool is, in this case, good enough.


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