10 Things

  10 things I love


1. Tea. I drink about three cups a day. Usually, it’s black; Tetley’s English Breakfast. Yum.


2.  Moroccan Oil. I use it on my hair any time I need to smooth it out and make it shine. Olive oil, I’ve heard works too, but between you and me, this stuff is worth the money because it smells way better.


3. Fantasy. But only the good stuff, because when it’s good, it’s like stepping into a dream.


  4. Rock music. I love the variety. I listen to music all the time, and I’ve heard every genre there is, and nothing has ever topped this one.


5. Books. Aw man do I love books. I seriously cannot get enough of them. I love waiting for series and devouring them late at night while everyone else is sleeping. They are everywhere in my room. On my desk. Crowding together on my bookshelf. Piled on my floor. Towering over me from my beside table. Just everywhere. And I love be surrounded by all those stories and all those people that I’ve read about so often, they’ve turned into old friends.


 6. Words. They’re epic. They just are.


7. Leather jackets. They’re so cool. I am currently lusting after the above one. Sadly it’s 300 bucks.


8. My lucky cat. My best friend got it for me and it’s been on my desk ever since. I love it. I don’t know whether or not it’s brought me any good luck. Nothing spectacular has ever happened to me since. But maybe it’s saving it up. Who knows?


 9. Roller coasters. I could ride them forever. I love the feeling of having everything swept away from underneath you as you are sent spiraling through the sky. The featured picture is actually of a coaster I’ve been on: the Sheikra. I was in that very front row and as just we were about to do this 90 degree plummet there was this huge flash of lighting. It was a pretty sick way to begin the ride.


10. Discovering that something is amazing. Like a band. Or a movie. Or a book that you never thought to try before. Or chocolate Cheerios. Which are, in fact, godly. No joke.



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1 Comment

  1. :D Glad you like the cat friend

    I like the pic for words

    the one for tea is creepy

    watching some stargate
    it’s wack
    sup with the wack stargate sup

    bonus points for knowing where that’s from

    I hope you get my letters tomorrow.
    I’ve been waiting long enough to talk about that stuff

    i guess i got used to the whole next day delivery thing.
    man this is annoying

    my mom is flipping out
    man i wish i could just go to your house real quick.
    how simple my life used to be


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