Great picture, right? I’ll miss Logan, though. But he will certainly pop up again. You can count on that.   


I slept in for once, which gave me a headache– What the heck is wrong with me? I finally get enough sleep and that gives me a stinking headache?– so that wasn’t a great way to start my day. 

 On a totally new subject, Zoe Saldana is probably one of the prettiest people on earth. Why bring this up? Well, Avatar is being rereleased on the 27 of August so that we can all watch an extra nine minutes, including, I believe, a hunt scene, an emotional scene, and a little more alien snogging.

So if you’re dying for that, then I suppose it’s worth the money. I’m kinda on the fence. I would go normally, but now I have to pay for movies and it sucks. And I don’t know if I want to pay for a movie I’ve already seen three times in the past six months for nine measly minutes.

And by the way, was I the only person who didn’t notice that the Na’vi only have four fingers? I was watching the movie with my brothers and all of a sudden, I was like, “Jake, you freak– you’ve got five fingers and the others have four. You’ll never be one of the people now!”  Or something like that…

Hmm. Any other news? Well, I think my fingers are literally going to fall off from all the typing I’ve been doing lately. I suppose that should translate into huge story progress, but mostly it means that I’ve been re-writing things for the third and fourth times. And surprisingly, I’m still not happy.

 Some more uplifting news: I have successfully memorized the elements for chem! Yay! Claps for Ri!(And let’s all carefully ignore the unfinished worksheets she has scattered around her desk.)

Man, I really love today’s picture. It’s great. I’m great for finding it.  I love space. I dream of being commander of a league of ships. That always seemed like a cool job. (By the way, can those squid men in Star Wars still ink people? Just curious.)

The best thing about space is the utter unknown-ness of it. Like, even though we know we’re on Earth, Earth could be anywhere in this huge black mess of the universe; we could be north of something, south of something else, or on the farthest reaches of space. We could be the tiny blue planet another population is searching for.

 I also love the names of the all the space things. Dark matter. Black holes. Celestial bodies. The music of spheres. It’s completely entrancing. 

I have this theory about the universe that involves a bunch of doors linking places together. For instance, you could walk into a shop in Cairo and that would take you to the sun. Something like that. I, of course, have no proof to back this up, except for other nonsensical ideas of mine. But, as a writer, the things I say don’t have to make sense, do they? It’s really all about how good of a story it is in the end.

Speaking of which, if you are looking for some reads about the universe, I was reading this book called “Why E=mc2” and it’s quite fantastic. It explains the whole thing in fairly simple terms, except for two key words which they conveniently never explain. Another one of the type would be the “Elegant Universe” which I haven’t read, but have heard good things about. 

Well, I’ve wasted enough time for today. This post was neither funny nor informative.  I apologize. Might as well let you get back to your life and I’ll start writing until my fingers cramp up. Later, folks.


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  1. You cried?
    lol it’s about time

    i hope your mother is well
    there is one thing i want you to do about that

    awesome pic
    you’d have some competition reaching your commander status
    just sayin

    about the star wars thing
    i don’t belive they have that ability anymore

    stop rewriting the damn story and make some progress
    you can go back later

    oh yeah
    about winter break
    the 17th is also my last day
    so we have a few options here
    jk we have two
    1. you can skip that fri and leave thur night so you can see my school for one day
    it’s not like you’d be taking a test or anything
    2. you can come to cali after kr gets out just like you originally planned and just not see the inside of nw
    tho we might be able to walk around in it if not see my classes

    congrats on your chem!!
    now finish the worksheets

    sooo yeah
    i have other stuff to say
    but not here
    goodnight ara

    • Ri

       /  August 14, 2010

      had to edit your comment
      can’t let the bakas see your rampant savagry

      and i’ll skip that friday
      though last year we did have tests…

  2. i figured you’d read it then edit it
    if you have tests
    take em on thur

    • Ri

       /  August 14, 2010

      no i was thinking i just wouldnt take the tests
      you know how i am with teachers
      they just give me a’s
      like candy

      im super excited for this :)


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