The Mosque Near Ground Zero

The Story: 

New York has given the okay for a mosque to be built near ground zero. 

The Sides

Should a mosque be built there? 

No! A mosque near ground zero would disrespect those who died during 9/11 


YES! Muslim-Americans died during the attack too. 

My Opinion: I agree, but mostly for the sake of equal treatment. 

 Perhaps there is a such a thing as too close, but I would still have to say yes based on the fact that I believe that forgiveness is essential towards world peace, as are understanding, tolerance, and acceptance. 

During these times, there are two very important things to keep in mind. First, it was a bunch of extremists that caused 9/11 and not all muslims are extremists. Second, we should not alienate our Muslim Americans like this, because they are Americans. And as Americans, we should all be standing together, regardless or race, religion, wealth, ect, to do what’s best not only for our country but for the world. 

Many people on the comments section were saying some rather rude and un-true things. A few of my favorites: 


Next time, check your facts. I’m pretty sure the founding fathers were about freedom and acceptance. 


My face stings! As an American, that slap really hurts. Because, you know, I hate everyone that’s not a “true” American, meaning anyone who’s not…wait a second. How do we define  “true American?” Certainly not by the color of our skin. Or our religion. Or where we came from. By being here and loving your country, you are an American. So, I guess that means that everyone in this country is getting a slap. Ouch. 


To the first: there are many things to say no to. Drugs, teen pregnancy, and suicide. But tolerance and forgiveness aren’t some of them. 

To the second: Man. For a bunch of dead guys, people really know our founding fathers. 

To the third: Come on, man. That was when Islam was the religion of an empire. Much like the kings of old built castles and (woah!) churches everywhere. A prime example is in the Americas, where many explorers came in the name of their country, often times brutally conquering Natives. I believe Cortez even said something like, “For gold, for glory, for God.” 

Yeah. And luckily, there are some good people out there that are willing to look beyond hate and anger… 


Okay. So I admit I was being mean to the green comments, but we really need to look at this logically. And I think that last comment says it perfectly: we shouldn’t spew hatred. 

We need to share the love. 

Questions, comments (even if you disagree, I will be polite, I swear), anything. Tell me your opinion. 


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  1. I agree. As much as I dislike religion, the first step to equality is acceptance

  2. Alice the Anomalous

     /  August 31, 2010

    Agree with Passion’s comment above.

    Some people have a very skewed idea of what an American is supposed to be, I’ll say that. Most of the population is primarily a country of immigrants and descendants of immigrants. I find those green comments to be slightly comical, as horrible as they are, because of that fact.


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