Alice In Wonderland Movie Review

At last, after many weeks, I have watched it.

And I was sorely disappointed. I mean, after it got scathing reviews from critics I thought, “Okay, maybe it will just average.” And then, it did something worse: it dropped its potential.

In many ways, this movie reminded me of the animated feature 9 which had a lot of cool notions and tons of potential and then it failed to take advantage of it, the result being an could-have-been-awesome movie that left me more angry than anything else.

In this movie, Alice returns to Wonderland (well, Underland as it is explained to be called) and she has a bit of an adventure and she fights a monster and then she goes home. I would’ve given you a better description, but I feel asleep in the middle of it and woke up right before the end.

Regardless, the ideas they were trying to convey were clear:

1. Alice has returned to Wonderland, even if she doesn’t believe it herself

2. The Red Queen has been a cruel ruler all this time

3. The White Queen needs Alice’s help to overthrow the Red Queen and bring a sort of peace back to Underland.

With each one of these things, all the interesting was lost among crazy, distracting animation and fairly average acting — I know that the cast was full of talented people, but none of them seemed to be doing their best. And Alice kept speaking every line in a semi-stonned voice, even the epic ones.

With the first idea, Alice keeps herself in denial for way to long. We all knew it wasn’t a dream. So why does it take Alice so long to figure it out?

On the second and third, I felt the like motives behind the evil characters were not strong enough to make the good people seem justified. Things just seemed to happen: Alice comes back, the Red Queen decides to kill her because she might slay the Jabberwocky, which was a pet of hers or something. I was expecting a cool, epic battle and in the end, but there was only a scuffle between some cards and next thing you know, Alice had conquered her weakness and the monster, and she had to go home.

Also, the Red Queen was annoying, but from what I saw of the movie, she wasn’t particularly evil. Like, I never saw her do anything that bad. Underland just seemed like a dumpy kind of place to begin with. And we never saw it evolve past that. Then again, I missed that middle part of the movie, so it might not have been so.

To wrap things up, I was let down and will never watch this movie again. I’m glad I didn’t see it in theatres and I’m hoping the next time Disney decides to let one of its classics “grow up” they do a better job than they did here.

Ri’s Rating


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  1. I agree. Overall I’d say the movie was a lot of “eye candy” and not enough actual story or thought provoking dialogue. It’s as though they felt like “As long as it’s pretty and in 3D, who cares what the characters say or do?” So I feel like it really fell short. I didn’t even have high expectations!

    • Ri

       /  June 13, 2010

      yes! so true– and the same thing happened with trasnformers 2; it’s like they think we won’t notice how lame the script is if we are engrossed with action or slapstick humor (minus the humor for this movie). the only problem with that theory and alice is that there wasn’t even a visual pop for me. the whole of underland seemed like a warzone. everything was grey and dingy looking. i totally understand why alice didn’t want to stay.

  2. I saw this movie in IMAX 3D and it was such a disappointment, I was going to see it again with my boyfriend and I just pretty much bailed on that because I really didn’t want to see it again, it was just too disappointing. There were some things I liked about it (Alice’s dresses…) but mostly I was let down and definitely agree with you and Caiti.

    Also I just wanted to let you know I got your letter yesterday and was so excited and will be sending you a reply very soon :) It was awesome getting so fast a response so hopefully I can return the joy!

  3. Oh yeah and since I have to write you a letter anyway, I’ll be including your giveaway prize inside it :) Just so you know!

  4. I think the movie was beautifully done but a bit odd, as befits Alice in Wonderland. It is a movie you just have to watch and accept without analyzing. I gave it a 3, not much off of your 2.5.

    • Ri

       /  June 17, 2010

      i guess what put me on the wrong side of this movie was that i was expecting so much more and i was just really let down. But thank you for commenting and have a great day :)

  5. Alice’s dresses were a highlight to the movie. Also the ending. Alice was a weak character, sure, but in the end she found herself and her place and I really liked how that ended up. I was also disappointed by Wonder-underland. In one of the previous alices, I’m sure I remember a beautiful Wonderland with butterflies and sunshine. I felt that there couldn’t really be a happy bit in Wonderland, because it was all so dark and gloomy.
    I reckon the movie is more of a teen to adult movie, when the books were intended for kids. That happens to a lot of movies.
    I would probably 3/5 it. It was OK…

    • Ri

       /  August 17, 2010

      It was definitely a movie geared towards an older crowd. Thanks for commenting and have a great day.


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