Iron Man II Movie Review

I saw this movie a week ago. As it was exactly what I expected and pretty much average, I wasn’t in any rush to write about it. But now, I’ve got a few minutes so I figured I might as well go for it.

In this sequel, Tony and the gang are back, facing a new problem: the government. They want Tony to hand over his Iron Man suit, and he won’t do it claiming that nobody else can get the tech to replicate it. Which of course, someone does. Which makes some problems for Tony, but he wraps that up quickly and it’s stored away for much later on in the movie. Tony is mostly struggling with the fact that using the Iron Man suit is killing him and he doesn’t have much longer to live. A large portion of the movie fixates on his struggle to come up with a solution and work through all his angst. Eventually, Tony gets himself back in the game and the movie pulls itself up for a remaining hour of action and fun.

So, the thing about this movie was that it wasn’t bad enough for hatred nor was it was quirky and witty as the first one to garner love. I’m kind of stuck in the middle here. Yes, it was funny and interesting, but the first half was extremely long and for the most part uneventful, save for a few violent action studded scenes.

Nothing entirely out of the ordinary happened in this movie, except that Tony’s sidekick was switched out for a different actor who I thought wasn’t as suited for the role as the first actor was. (Sorry for the lack of names for actors and characters there but I honestly can’t remember and I really don’t want to look it up). There were some scenes that I really enjoyed, but they were mostly towards the end of the movie, which had me wondering whether it was worth the first part. In a way, I guess it was, at least for a few laughs. It just seems like the foreshadowing took an awfully long time.

Iron Man fans will definitely enjoy this sequel and after the credits there is a piece that will have superhero-savvy moviegoers lusting for more. As a mildly interested viewer, I went it with average expectations and got exactly what I was looking for. This is one of the better sequels I’ve seen, but if you don’t really have a vested interest in going and paying full price, it will be just as enjoyable at home or in a dollar theatre.

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  1. Once again, we are in agreement. I enjoyed Iron Man II. It was as you said witty and fun. However, I felt a little disappointed and wondered if it wasn’t that I was looking for a bit more storyline.

    • Ri

       /  June 17, 2010

      thanks for the input! i’m glad that you agree– so many movies get sucked into sequels and the quality just drops.


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