Robin Hood (2010) Movie Review

Well, I went out yesterday, had a great time and on impulse, decided to see this movie with my best friend.

So, what to say about it?

Well, first, it’s not the Robin Hood I expected. I think I was looking for outlaw of Sherwood Forest, but this movie is the story of how he became that.

Throughout the entire movie, I kept waiting for him to swing through the trees and shot arrows and rob the rich, but that never happened. However, that’s not a bad thing, and my expectations were entirely my fault because I never bothered to read what it was about.

That being said, the movie was good. It was well made, with good actors and a nice rich historical feel. The setting was beautiful. It had a good bit of action in it and the characters were interesting, though I didn’t find myself getting attached to any of them.  On another note, the romantic aspect of it was pretty cute. I’ve always been a fan of the Robin Hood- Maid Marian thing.

So, with this movie, I have just two small problems. First, the at the very, very, very, very end, there are two scenes I wished they had switched. After you watch it, I think you’ll understand. If they had done that, I think it would have ended with a bit more a bang. A little more drama, because it was…how to say, more quirky? More Robin Hood-ish?

The second thing was that I felt it was little too long in the first half. But that’s all. It’s a good historical movie (though I don’t know how closely it stuck to actual history, seeing as people can’t decide whether or not Robin existed or not). If you like period pictures, as I do, then you’ll enjoy it. It’s gotten good reviews from the critics thus far.

From this rather short and vuage review, you can tell that I’m not exactly stoked. Which is true. I consider this movie time and money well spent, although it would play in theatres as well as it would at home; if you’re unsure, wait until it hits DVD. Robin Hood was interesting and exciting, and though  I enjoyed it, I’ll probably never watch it agian.

Ri’s Rating:


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