Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

Well, my big brother took me to see this bad boy yesterday since it was going out of theaters soon. Today, actually, to make way for Alice in Wonderland.

I’m going to start off by saying that I’m not really a fan of mystery movies because they usually follow the same ups and downs, and in that respect, Holmes was much like others of the genre: the plot had the same rise and falls as many other detective movies, along with the classic how-I-knew at the end, right after the final battle.

However, I shall not lie here and so I will say that this movie kept me interested. The acting was very good, the script funny and classic at the same time. Surprisingly enough, I was interested in the plot and though I suspected some things, I was never quite sure until the end. There were still a couple of twists that threw me, which was nice.

I loved the banter that Holmes and Watson kept it. It reminded me of when my older brother and I were little and we used to play Sherlock Holmes. Since I was younger (and chubbier as Stephan never gains weight) I was always Watson and Steff was Holmes. We used to make pipes out of tinker toys and “solve” mysteries by watching Wishbone and the Great Mouse Detective. The movie reminded me of why I put up with these games when I was little: I liked the whole aura of the time period, with is secrets and scandals and dark stormy nights, and pipe-smoking men in spiffy jackets.

There were only two things that really bothered me about the movie. First, it was kind of long. Towards the middle, though I was interested in what was going to happen next, I was also checking the time to see how much longer I had until I found out. The end, at least, really picked up and was climatic enough to compensate. The second thing that bugged me was the set up for the sequel. I was watching the screen and thinking back and I felt that it was going to happen. And then I started thinking, well I liked this movie, and I want to know how it finishes, but I don’t want to spend too much time in this world and then suddenly I was conflicted. That’s really sort of a personal thing, since like I said, I don’t really like mysteries. However, if a sequel comes out and it seems to have quality equal to or greater than this one, then I’ll probably watch it.

So my overall opinion? This was a good movie. I can totally see why people liked it. If you like Holmes, Robert Downey Jr., mysteries, detectives and that sort of thing, I think you’ll really enjoy this one. It was well made and even kept me, someone who isn’t a fan, entertained. It was witty and dark, though a little long.  My brothers really liked it and a lot of my friends did too. So if you feel like maybe you’ll enjoy it, my advice is go for it, because chances are, you probably will.

[p.s. a note to parents who are wondering if its okay for younger kids: my advice is no. It was quite violent and a lot of the concepts can be frightening. If your kid is under twelve or sensitive, I wouldn’t let them see it.]

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