Ice Age III: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Movie Review

We have  a thing called Redbox at our local supermarkets (it’s pretty much a DVD vending machine) and you get cane movies there for $1 a night, which is super cheap compared to say, Blockbusters.

So last night I convinced my dad that we should get a movie. We went into the supermarket. He decided we needed to get some shrimp. We got the shrimp. Then I went to look at the movies. None seemed interesting. Dad demanded to go through the choices himself. He saw Ice Age III and declared that he “had to see it.” So with much skepticism, I watched it.

Well, I’m not going to lie, the plot sucked. It kind of reminded me of Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was predictable and the beginning was a little slow and I’m sure movie critics hated it.

But on the flip side, it was pretty hilarious. When the gang enters the underground jungle (where the dinos live), they meet a crazy Australian weasel named Buck and things really pick up from there. Buck’s silly and insane and made me laugh. A lot. The others were funny too, but Buck was really funny. You can tell that they were more into having fun than making a critical hit when they were making this movie.

So in the end, I’d say it was worth my time. There were lots of good messages, bonding, love, and a little surprise concerning Buck’s fate. I laughed and rewound the DVD just to watch some scenes over.

If you’ve got kids who like the other two Ice Age movies, I’m sure they’ll like this one. And if you don’t mind a couple of cheap laughs, I’d say rent it. definitely not worth $10 at the theater, but for a buck and the comfort of my home? Yeah. It was good times.

Ri’s Rating


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