I Finished Zelda

That’s right folks! This morning, I woke up and saved Hyrule. Oh man alive, that final boss battle was so fun. So incredibly awesomely fun. I loved it. The game as a whole was great. I thought that after a while, all the dungeons would get boring, but the game creators beat that because the last two dungeons were really straightforward unless you wanted to get tons of treasure (which I didn’t). I highly  recommend this game. Very well done. The ending was dramatic and satisfying.

To read what I wrote on the game earlier, click here.

Anyways, for those who were wondering what I was talking about yesterday, that Percy Jackson thing was a little trivia challenge at Borders. We got second place, even though we came late and had half the people on our team. Ha. Hahahahaha. Man, but some of those kids were super annoying. One just kept spitting out answers in this dumb pompous voice. I hate little kids like that. I just want to scream “shut up!” at them.

But we had fun, and I’m so psyched for the movie release. A little scared that it might suck, but mostly excited.

My mom sent me this really cool video about the animation of Avatar. Check it out here.

 I managed to get sick again right after getting better. I hope I don’t die. I’ve got some good music for this week, and a great pic o’ the week too. So check back for more fun later :)



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