Cryoshell News

Turns out, the album won’t be out until early this year. Not late January. Humph. I’m so disappointed. And it’s only going to have 10 songs! And five of them, I already know! Gar!

So my aunt called today and I heard the phone ring but I could bring myself to pick it up because I didn’t want to talk about the England trip. I’m second guessing myself. I just– well, I can’t help but imagine all the ways that I could die on the way over. I know I said I’d go. And probably I will. But ehhh. Well, I’ll avoid it until absolutely necessary.

I finished the third and second Percy Jackson yesterday. I’m onto book four now!  Sharu/Reef (the youngest brother) is reading a book I lent him called Sebastian Reckless. He’s enjoying it way more than I did. Anyways, perhaps he’ll do a guest review on here. That’d be cool.

Umm. I know I had something else to say. Oh, well, I finally got a tiny bit of writing done. Like a sentence. I’d been meaning to hammer it out for a while now. Now that it’s through, I can go back and finish that pesky chapter. Sometimes I wish I could just kill my characters off all at once and end the whole thing. Why do I chose  to put myself into these situations? The fame? The money? Ha. As if writers got either.

Anyways. I’m really into this show called Big Time Rush. I’m not exactly their targeted demographic, but it’s so funny. My dad watches it will me and my younger brothers and we can’t help but crack up. I was discussing it this morning with Plam (the middle bro) and he said I was so into to it because of Kendall. Ha!– Kendall. As if. I put the boys in order for him. We had a good laugh.

And lastly, we finished Sinbad for the History of the World Through Animated Movies. I love that movie to bits. We’re done with our Greekish culture section. Next up is Mulan. The Bakas (my brothers) have a large assignment for the two Greek Movies. They’d better get crackalackin’.

Well. I think I’ve covered all the useless things going through my head right now. Cheers!


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