Things You Never Knew

Well, my buddy M.D (read her blog here) posted a giant list on her blog of things she likes. I’ve got some time to kill so here’s my list of curious things about me that you won’t find anywhere else.

1. I like to spike my cocoa with coffee

2. I have a million sticky notes with random ideas stuck all around my room and in journals

3. I can’t read my writing on half the sticky notes

4. All the journals I’ve ever written have had nothing to do with me and a lot to do with nothing

5. I made a map of my mind once

6. I hate putting periods at the end of lists and bullet points

7. I find it odd that they are called bullet points with they look a lot more like bullet holes

8. I love when rock/orchestral/pop songs have a Middle-Eastern tinge to them

9. I love to hear people singing together

10. But I don’t really care for carolers

11. I feel obligated to like the things nobody else does

12. Which is why I always force my family to chose the odd gimpy trees at Christmas

13. I consider pinky promises strong oaths

14. I never understood the point of tripple-doggy-dares

15. And I never do them

16. I like running but I never do it

17. My showers are shorter than all my brothers’ showers

18. It bothers me when people try to remind me of my likes and dislikes

19. Useless things make me quite happy

20. That’s why I have a whole book of them (Really. It’s called “The Book of Useless Japanese Inventions.”)

21. Numbers beyond 100 seem impossibly large to me

22. To have lived a hundred or more years seems like a very, very long time

23. Actually, old people remind me of Ents

24. I like the way the word hobbits isn’t capitalized in LOTR– it makes them seem normal

25. I like making movies with puppets

26. And surprisingly, I like making projects for school and comparing mine with everyone else’s which I think stems from my competitive nature

27. I drink about three cups of tea (green or black) every day

28. I love waiting for things to come in the mail

29. And I love getting excited for things

30. I also really love planning things for the unforeseeable future– like the release dates of movies, books, albums, and holidays


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  1. I just have to say, thanks for getting that song stuck in my head.

  2. YESSSS. I love it actually. XD. We got to watch this movie in class the other day and it’s been stuck in my head for weeks. I’d only just forgotten it.

  3. I’ve done number 5, too. :D And 20 made me laugh.


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