It Was Actually My Arm

So, I was sleeping on my arm and my arm falls asleep. No nerves, no feelings. It’s dead-asleep.

Then it flops into my other hand. I bolt up and scream because it feels like someone else’s hand.

I manage to fling it off, but it bounces off the mattress and back into my hand.

I’m throughly freaked out and unable to figure out what monstrous thing is grasping my left hand.

Then I bother to stop screaming and look down.

Lo and behold: It’s not a monster’s hand. It’s mine.

Shaking from laughter and fear, I shimmy my way to the bathroom, splash waster onto my face and crawl back into bed.

But I left the light on– because next time, it might be a monster’s hand and not mine.

And I don’t take chances.

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  1. DISEMBODIED ARM? When did you make this post?

  2. May I just say that I reread this post and have been laughing nonstop for about 5 or 6 minutes?

  3. Scary! This happens to a friend of mine all the time. I think it’s awfully creepy.


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