Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Movie Review


So I watched the above movie, and I gotta say, it was really funny. I recommend it for some laughs.  I mean, it wasn’t the best movie in the world, and the very end was a little predictable, but it was just so funny along the way. The animators had the characters doing some hilarious things (I cracked up every time the unibrowed dad revealed his eyes).  And the lines were pretty funny too. We had to rewind a couple of times because we missed some stuff since we were laughing so hard.

There were lots of good morals involved here, like Sam, the female lead, was acting stupid to fit in, only to learn that she liked herself better when she was smart. Also, family was an important value and bonding definately took place. And, it actually took a hard look at gluttony (for money and food) and what it can to do you, from making you overweight, to taking away all that really matters. Not a lot of children’s movies confront those kinds of issues, and while this one was subtly worked in, I think kids will pick up on it. Of course, this movie also had that whole find-your-place thing, where each character was looking to fit in, and I got to say, while it was maybe a little cheesy, that part where people realize where they belong was really funny as well.

I think most people, of any age, would enjoy this, as long as you’ve got a sense of humor.  Considering all the horrible (and horribly long) movies that came out this year, this one was silly but worth my time.

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