All to do with Movies

So, first, I just watched the Prince of Persia movie trailer and it seems cheesy but in a good way. I’ll probably watch it if the critics rate it above a C. You can watch the trailer here:

Also, my brothers and I are doing this thing where I teach them the history of the world through animated movies. On the Short Stories and Projects  page, you can find a list of the assignments and movies. If any teachers or whoever want to use my ideas, go ahead. I am always happy to share learning and my brothers are really loving it. All but two of the movies are PG (and the two that aren’t are bonus movies of a PG-13 rating) so its great for anyone who wants to get more than entertainment value out of what they watch. If you want to use them, my only wish is that you comment, so that I may feel as if I have helped someone.

I also found out today that Prince Caspian did badly in the box office. I can’t believe it!

Gah. It’s 12:59. Why don’t I ever feel tired at appropriate times? I’m going to bed.


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