(500) Days of Summer Movie Review

Hey guys, I’m gonna be frank with you, this movie was hands down, the best movie (and only movie) I’ve seen all year. Get it, because it’s the new year? No? Okay. Moving on…

It was cute, it was quirky, it was nothing at all like what I expected and it was very different from any other romantic comedy I’ve seen. In fact, it was probably the best romantic comedy I’ve seen since Hitch came out. 

I highly recommend it. The characters were very human, clingy, selfish, contradictory, all those things, and at the same time, you love them all.

The movie had a great ending. It had a promise. My brother and I discovered through a 2:00 am discussion that movies that end with a promise of what’s yet to come (adventure, love, redemption, ect.) are always the best movies. Avatar ended with that promise, Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one) ended with a promise, and hopefully, my stories will end with a promise.

The movie followed a very different formula than other romantic comedies; it was very refreshing. Also, the actors could actually act and it wasn’t overly long, dramatic, or drawn out.

(500) Days of Summer is a great movie, unique (kind of like how Juno was unique) and worth every second of my time.  It was exactly what the tagline said: it is not a love story, but a story about love.

Ri’s Rating:


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  1. I like the new banner haha. But what is the middle picture of?

    • Ri

       /  January 10, 2010

      thanks. the mid pic is the eagle nebula, my fav nebula. gah. i’m such a nerd. i have a favorite nebula.

  2. hahahahahaha. That’s awesome. I put some of our halloween pictures on facebook.
    Only one, actually. The only one I looked ok in. Check it out.


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