James Kennedy Interview

Hi all.

So, I conducted an interview with the author of the Order of the Odd Fish (which you can find the review of on the Reviews Page).

If you are interested, click here to read it on his website as I am far too lazy to post it here myself.

I thought it rather funny.

Hmm. Well, I have an essay to finish. Good bye.

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  1. Oh, and Sarah, when are you gonna put fireflies up?

  2. Ri

     /  January 2, 2010

    Hmm. Things seem to have gotten wildly out of hand. My thoughts on this: Well, I liked the interview. I didn’t think Mr. Kennedy was rude at all. In fact, he managed to convince me on several of my former objections. So, my dear friends P and M: let all past foolish remarks sit behind us and we shall start anew and clean for this fresh, new year. The BlogLord has Spoken!


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