The Princess and the Frog Movie Review

Well, I saw the movie this weekend, and I have to say that it is the best movie Disney has made in a very long time.

(Read up on it and watch trailers here)

It had plot

It had action

It had a creepy villain and

a crazy old witch who lived in a boat

and a completely and utterly sweet story

with an excellent lesson (you have to help the star you wish on with a little hard work);

altogether, it was delightful.

I am especially glad that it was done in a traditional 2-D style. I loved the music. It was so jazzy and swinging and it’s been stuck in my head all weekend. The songs were so cute and catchy. I bought most of them already (indeed, the album is out).

Now, I know there has been a lot of talk about this being Disney’s first Black princess. Well, while outside of watching the film, I can understand how this could be a big deal (even though there isn’t a Princess who looks like me yet!), while in the theatres, all thoughts of race go flying from your mind. You don’t notice it.

Tiana has to be my favorite Disney princess. She’s got spunk and a great voice and knows how to work hard; she is rivaled only by Mulan.

And by far and away, Prince Naveen is my favorite Disney prince. For once, the prince actually played a part other than saving the princess! Yar! I loved his accent and his dashing good looks.

All the characters were so vibrant they leapt of the screen and into my heart. They were worth getting to know. In particular, Ray the firefly. He was not only a hoot, but had a love story so sweet, it made you want to cry at the end.

Other good things about the movie? It was short and to the point. An hour and a half didn’t seem like enough time, and that is exactly how a movie should be. The singing was all great. And it was pretty darn funny.

This movie really does justice to the ideal of the old animated Disney Fairytale classic and I look forwar to Disney producing more things like this. It gave me all the magic I needed to warm myself on a cold winter’s night.

Ri’s Rating:


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  1. Quit complaining, jasmine looks like you.

    • she’s middle eastern…like saudi arabian. I am South American! None of those princess are mutts! I’m going to make a mutt-princess. No wait– Naveen and Tiana’s child– they’ll look like me!

  2. Ah, how dissapointed you’ll be when you see this is just a e-mail from little ol’ me.
    Just thought I would share my thoughts… I saw some scenes from the movie online and I’m very anxious to see it! I might wait until we can buy it but… I dunno. xD
    Tiana’s very pretty!
    P.S. No worries, none of the princesses look like me either.

    • lies! all the blonde ones (cinderella, sleepy beauty) AND Belle look like you! The closest I can get is a cross between Mulan, Jasmine, Belle, Pocahuantas, and Tiana. And that’s just strange.

  3. Not one of the princesses have dirty blonde hair nor do they have any sort of europeon air among them. I am not just ‘white’

    • yar! sleepy b, cindy, belle– they’re all european! and hey, you’ve got esmerelda if nothing

  4. Way to put exactly what I was going to Passion, I want a European princess.
    And I’m not blonnnnde.

  5. Yeah you are dummy

  6. Alice the Anomalous

     /  December 22, 2009

    Yo, tis been awhile~
    I was planning to see this tomorrow. Despite knowing a lot of people that hate disney, I’m looking forward to seeing The Princess and the frog (not that other people have ever stopped me from liking what I do before). It’s about time a new 2-D movie was made.


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