The Diary of Pelly D Review

 He stared at the writing, suddenly uneasy.

The words said: Dig – dig everywhere.
–Kindle sample

The Diary of Pelly D by L.J Adlington


Yo-ho and a bottle of rum! So, this is a guest review by my pal, Melody.

This book takes place post-apocalypse and people have been forced to evolve slightly. The humanoids of this story have a special ability, they can take in oxygen in open air and underwater because, as you can see from the cover of this book, they have gills. The disadvantage is that if they don’t spend occasional time underwater, their gills will dry up. I honestly don’t know if they die or just lose their ability but whatever happens, it can’t be good.

Their are only five cities now, craftily called City One, City Two, City Three, etc. City One has always thought of themselves as the rulers of the others, very high-and-mighty but they are regretting treating the others badly now because of a drought purely in their lands.

Toni V* is a member of the City Five Demolition Crew. His job is to dig up the plaza so that architects can spruce up the place and possibly have the others think higher of lowly City Five. This book starts out when he is digging and uncovers a diary. Written on the cover is Dig-Dig Everywhere which immediately intrigues Toni V and despite the Rules and Regulations, (set up by City One of course) Toni V begins reading it. The diary is written by a girl named Pelly D who, Toni V soon learns, lives in a fancy house with lots of money and luxuries available to her. When reading this book I, at first, hated Pelly D. While Toni V was doing heavy physical labor for a low price, she lived in her own little world with her shiny swimming pool and cherry flavored Blue Mountain water but soon, I started to be engrossed in the tale she told, the style she wrote and the drama she was involved in.

I didn’t expect a diary book like this one to be well-paced or have a climax but it definitely did. Soon you’ll be pulled into her story of betrayal, Galrezi’s, Atsumisi’s, Mazzini’s and backstabbing friends. With a ending that you’ll never expect, you’re sure to love this book.

The writer of this book, L.J. Adlington, added a very interesting twist to the regular diary-style book. Despite Toni being the first character introduced, you don’t really know a lot about him. The person that becomes most well-known to the reader is definitely Pelly D even though she is obviously not from the time period this book took place.

I absolutely loved reading this. It was fun to see how Adlington decided the world would fair after utter mass destruction and quite amusing to decode the way Pelly D talked. The best part though was the intense drama that kept you on your toes and the last chapter that sent shivers down my spine. I would recommend this book to absolutely anyone.

*All children are known as Name, Last Initial while adults are known as First Initial, Name. For example, Barack Obama would be currently known as B Obama but when he was younger, he would be known and Barack O.

Thanks for the Review!
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  1. Aww, nobody liked the review enough to comment. D:

    • Ri

       /  April 18, 2010

      they may not have commented, but it has gotten quite a few views :)

  2. hello hello,

    I just came across your super review of ‘Diary of Pelly D’. I’m so glad to read you enjoyed it… and that it made you shiver.
    Have you tried the follow-on book, ‘Cherry Heaven’?
    You might find out more about some of the characters from Pelly D’s life…

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