Trailers for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

You know, I just realized  how cool of a name that was…lightning thief.

percy-jackson-movie-3.jpg image by edwardbayntun

Anyways, Percy Jackson scored disgustingly high on my rate-fictional-characters rate-o-meter. He got, like a 32 and was beat out only by a person of my own creation (who of course would be everything I like). So, Percy Jackson is pretty much my favorite fictional character. He’s so funny. He’s the son of Poesidon. He turned down a chance to be immortal. What’s not to like?

I’m a total fan of the books (by Rick Riordan) so when I heard the movie was comming out, I was quite excited. Then, when I saw the trailer, I was even more excited. Now I’ve seen the second trailer and I’m so excited, I honestly don’t know what to do with myself!

Gar. Gotta hold myself back.




So to help me, here are the trailers which I think are doing good justice to the book so far. Enjoy!

PS: I’m going to review the books when I read them again. Probably around the end of the month because I have to finish The Return of the King.

Trailer 2 (more background info and quite funny) you must watch here. I love this one.

Trailer 1 (very dramatic) is below.

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  1. Dude, I’m still geeking out about this. And I’ve seen in nigh-infinite times.


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