Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie Review

I ate at Panera Bread last night. I must say, they have quite a nice ambience and the service was friendly. It was like eating in a cafe, small and quaint and cozy. The food was delicious. We all ordered soups and sandwiches and it was wonderful. I highly recommend the French Onion soup if ever you are in a mood for a relaxing meal.

After Panera Bread, we saw Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was absolutely wonderful. Very clever and creative. The animation was great. It was a form of claymation, I think and it lent a wonderful quality to the movie. The acting was good and it had good pacing and script. Fantastic Mr. Fox was clever and witty one of the best Rohl Dhal adaptions I’ve ever seen.

It was a family friendly movie that I highly recommend seeing after going to Panera Bread and enjoying some French Onion soup.

Ri’s Rating:



In other news:

I rewatched Prince Caspain on Friday and realized how much I love that movie! YAH! For Aslan!

Also, Percy Jackson movie, you are very highly anticipated!

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  1. americansun

     /  December 1, 2009

    I’ve been meaning to see that film… all of the Wes Anderson movies are delightful

  2. acmelody

     /  December 1, 2009

    You should hcange your pic o’ the week already!
    And I totally agree with that last sentence. :D Put the trailers up on here!


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