Where the Wild Things Are

I saw Where the Wild Things are yesterday and have but two things to say about it with only mild elaboration.

1. That movie was dark.  

 It was a lot more emotional than I was expecting based on the trailers. Those ads blasted Arcade Fire and signs of hope and happy scenes and the movie left me feeling sad because it was really, really realistic. It was also very long. And aggressive. Those monsters scared the crap out of me when I was little (because they wanted to eat Max) and have once again rid me of my crap through fear because they wanted to eat Max in the movie too, and almost did. The characters and the whole family of Wild Things were rather dysfunctional and what made the movie sad and realistic was that Max, being only a lost child, could not fix their problems. They had to do that on their own, and by the end of the movie, based on a slight smile K.W gave Carol, maybe started to do that. Maybe.

2. It’s only that dark if you think about it that way.

I was thinking about the movie before I fell asleep and came to some conclusions. First, all those Wild Things were different pieces of Max. By talking to them and interacting with them, Max had a learning experience which helped him. We see this in many movies, however, the main character usually finds help by seeing a better society and then trying to be like that society. Max though, saw a worse society and learned what he was doing wrong and thus was able to find out what NOT to do. It was a reverse of what you usually see in theaters. I suppose it was only so shocking and saddening because, as I said, based on the commercials, I was expecting something else.

The movie wasn’t bad. It was a little long, but it did make me think for a bit. The Wild Things reminded me a lot of a cross between rowdy playground kids with fangs and the children in Lord of the Flies. It was a strange moive, without doubt. The animation was beautiful and sometimes it was funny. However, I can’t say that I will recommend it with reckless abandon based on the fact that you come out of the theater feeling so sad. Because in the end, only Max was happy and we never find out whether or not the Wild Things work stuff out. But, that’s just how life is, isn’t it? Inside all of us, there are Wild Things, the parts of us we don’t want to be yet at the same time don’t want to let go of. And in the end of the day, that’s what makes us human and what makes us real.

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