Spotting Mushrooms at Night

Apparently a lot of people have been coming to my blog in hopes of finding out how to spot mushrooms at night. I have no  idea why people are suddenly so into this, but they are, so I fancied I’d indulge them.

Here is a site that can provide many useful hints and tips on spotting mushrooms, during the day or night.

I love mushrooms; they’re so magical….


And here are some updates and things to look forward to:

–A review of Legacy by Cayla Kluver (that’s been a search that’s brought people here too)

–A few more reviews of books that I liked, and some that I hated

–A new feature, where I will review books I read a long time ago (there are tons) and want the world to know about. We might go alphabetical with those…

–Another new thing. My brother said I should write a story (maybe for National Novel Writing Month) and post it in bits and pieces, once a week. We’ll see if that works out. It will probably be about Ninja Baby and the Nightcrawler.

— And maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally write Fish her letter…

I saw 9 last night and was both pleased and disappointed. The animation was great, so was the music and the acting, and the plot was too. However, it seemed like it needed a little more talking; there were things I wished I knew at the end. I wasn’t confused, but a little more background story would have added to the richness of the movie. Nevertheless, it was brilliant and thrilling and definitely worth seeing.

Today is Stephano’s Birthday. Happy Birthday!


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  1. Alice the Anomalous

     /  September 23, 2009

    I saw 9 recently too and it was great I loved it but I also thought it was missing something. The best way I can describe what it’s missing is some “UMPH” in it. It characterized the 9 of the stitchpunks excellently, but it could have gone farther. Yes, they were like humans. They reacted like how humans would in this sitiuation but I still feel like we could have seen a more “fun” side to them. The 3+4 thing was awesome but the movie in general was lacking something *I dunno how to say it but* “real”. Not that it was fake or anything. There was just a certain quality i thought was missing. If I ignored that, I thought it was so close to perfect as possible.
    -Alice the Anomalous


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