New Moon Movie Trailer


So I just saw the New Moon trailer, and I gotta say, I almost want to see this movie.

The trailer was very dramtic towards the end, which always leaves a good impression on me.

And I think Edward got a new make up artist because  his hair doesn’t look like crap anymore and

all the Cullens have these great really gold but kinda red eyes that really pop in a way they didn’t in the

first movie.

Plus, the way those vampire were fighting in the end of the trailer– well it looked like a scene worth seeing.

I love the wolf transformations too. They looked really good.

And the Volturri? Loved ’em.

And if nothing else, at least Bella screams well.

Anyways, if you wanna see the trailer, here it is:

Enjoy :)


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  1. Alice the Anomalous

     /  September 20, 2009

    I’m going to end up seeing this movie anyway, not because I just can but because I wanna see how it actually turns out. Does that make sense or does it sound like an excuse to justify my love/hate feelings for the fandom? I really hope Bella’s actress steps it up a level because she had the same expression in the last movie in almost all of the scenes.
    *watching the trailer and pausing to make commentary*
    I couldn’t recognize Alice (well of course I recognize myself, but the Cullen one) for a sec, the make up must be better now! I loved the Volturi, despite them being the bad guys and such. I alsways had in mind that Aro looked younger like in his early 20’s, maybe that’s just me missing a few paragraphs while reading the book.
    THE PORSCHE. The yellow one!
    The trailer, if not the movie itself, looks appealing. Is that Dakota Fanning I spy? *imagined Jane with black hair, again, this may be due to my inability to read al the words typed into that book*
    I like the scenery in the movie, it’s brisk and less blue unlike the last movie. I hope they don’t add the tint back in again. The rusty medival paper tint looks good while they’re in the building with the Voluri though. It feels very medieval as it should be…..
    I’m actually kind of thrilled to see it *torn again by the love/hate feelings for Twilight* It definitely fills in the gaps i didnt imagine in head!movie and adds real!scenery. Is it me, or did the tone of the lines sound more concerned than serious? Was it so serious that it was concerning, or did i imagine it to be so concerning that it was more serious? Blah.
    Edward’s hair in the last movie reminded me of Tsukasa from Hana Yori Dango’s curly mess. No it looks slightly better. IF only that thing wasn’t there….you know, his face…..

    • you never fail to make me laugh
      “if only he didn’t have that thing…” lol :)
      i totally agree: all those girls who fan over him are crazy. robert pat. is so ugly. well, not ugly, just not attractive. he does these poses that remind me of megan fox’s pouty face. where he sucks in his cheeks and stares right at the camera. weeeeeird. just not attractive. i think he thinks he’s a lot better looking than he actually is.

      i too desire for kristen stewart to develop some acting skills. she shook more than the camera in my brother’s movies. it was so strange. i didn’t understand why she was doing it.

      i’ll probably see this one too, if only for the italy scenes. they look good. i’m definatly interested in seeing the wolves transform– that seemed like it was going to be good. but all those ugly shirtless guys… my eyes might explode from pure disgust.

      • Alice the Anomalous

         /  September 20, 2009

        I think those girls just fangirl over him because he’s the actor for Edward. They’re not exactly seeing the forrest for the trees if you know what I mean. They fear that if they say anything they’ll be excommunicated from the fangirl cult so they can join us! Muahaha.
        I know! He’s not attractive but not exactly ugly. Everyone’s got something not perfect about them. He’s just not my kind of man.
        Do you mean he looks a lot better in real life than in the Twilight movies? I agree! All that pale makeup doesn’t make him look more like a vampire. When he was Cedric Diggory and not without his human tan he looked better.
        Kristen Stewart…ahhh, what do I should I say about her that doesn’t completely bash her and make me look like a bad person….well that’s not possible, seeing as how I’m a good person and I MUST reveal the truth. Or at least my opinion. I’m not saying that she isn’t pretty, I just think she isn’t THE bella i think of when twilight, the movie in my head is on. The interpretation of the book in the movies and mine are really different in the sense that….the people actually look good and compliment each other. But ANYWAY, she just seems like she’s always serious but the bella in my head jokes and has a sense of humor….and a less lower voice. Kristen Stewart’s voice is lower than almost half the boys at my school (well not really. Just the boys in my grade).
        If only I had done the casting instead….then we’d probably see some decent shirtless guys (why do they feel the need to add that in?! I don’t care about the shirtlessness. I want vampires being all ominous and EPIC)

      • true, true. it’s a jump-on-the-bandwagon thing with this edward fantasizing.

        i know exactly what you mean! the books are so different from the movie, and bella just isn’t what i imagined her to be. you know Juno? I kinda thought that she would be like that, like ellen page.

        i just don’t like kristen stewart as bella. actually, she isn’t that great of an actor for anyone. mostly because she seems so gloomy all the time. gloomy gloomy bella.

      • Alice the Anomalous

         /  September 20, 2009

        I imagined Bella to sorta be like Michelle Trachtenberg in Ice Princess except with brown eyes, of course.
        Kristen Stewart just makes Bella seems so serious instead of you know, bella. I’m gonna use your expression and say gloomy gloomy bella too. It’s kind of depressing to see a serious version of bella be so engrossed with edward that way. Normally someone with that state of mind would have a better thinking process.

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