Look for Re-review


Forget the giant quote box at the begining of this entry. This is crazy. An actual author commented on my blog– after I had written a bad review of his book!!!!!

I feel ashamed because I wrote the review without finishing the book. Mr. Kennedy has now encouraged me to finish his book. Now I feel like I should.

I Must Regain My HONOR!

I feel like a Zuko. Gah.


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  1. Your honor is safe! I don’t mind if you don’t like the book! (Indeed, I wonder if I overstepped some Internet line of etiquette by puckishly commenting?) Anyway, even if your re-review is even more negative, I won’t be offended. Let the tongue-lashings commence.

    • Ri

       /  August 19, 2009

      It’s good that you commented. It makes my stats go up, which makes my ego go up (as if I need a bigger ego, though).

      My brother is reading your book. He says he likes it. There may be hope yet; perhaps lashings of the tongue shall not be necessary. We shall see.

  2. When you’re done, it might be fun for us to do an interview for your blog. You could be confrontational, and aggressively point out flaws in “Odd-Fish.” I could defend myself the best I could, or if I couldn’t, gracefully concede your points. It would be a different kind of interview. At any rate, I certainly have never seen an interview like that anywhere else on a book review blog.

    In the meantime, one you finish “Catching Fire” I recommend “When You Reach Me” by Rebecca Stead.

    • Interviewing may be fun. I’ve been stickynoting all the things I find not to my liking as I read your book. It certainly will be different. Prepare yourself ( a line from the wonderful movie, Secondhand Lions).

  3. Clearly you’re on the warpath. This interview will be the best thing ever.

    • I did my re-review. Enjoy. Comment me when you’re ready for the interview.

      I’ll email you the questions a few at a time, because I have problems talking on the phone (I was interviewed for the paper once and I kept repeating myself…the story never got published…).


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