Walk of the Spirits Book Review

[I have nothing to say here, except for– I got some writing done! And a beautiful water color painting too!]

Walk of the Spirits

by Richie Tankershey Cusick



I did not like this book. Not one bit. Not even with green eggs and ham.

This is my first book review about a bad book, so now you get to know what I don’t like.

1. The characters were all cliched. Every single one of them. There was the jock, the cheerleader, the beautiful shy guy, the bad boy, and the emo chick.

Now, I don’t really mind if those kind of characters appear before me, but then you have to give me an original main character, and give me some voice. The Jessica Darling books did that, and that’s why I liked ’em. This book did not do that. In fact it gave me a dull, boring, blob for a main character, which brings us to point two.

2. The main character was boring. It was told from third person, which makes it harder for her to stand out, but I mean, come on. She kept hang long, long, long deep inner thought sessions. Here’s a hint to all authors: if you want your character to think a lot and ponder, write your story from first person, so I’m spared all the:

She was so sad. It was so hard to forget the passing. Even now, three days after, she could not forget the feelings she felt at the time. It had been so hard. She blah. She felt blah. She couldn’t blah. She. SHE. SHE!

That’s right. You end up with a lot of “she” beginnings and it makes me want to slap the author.

Anyways, this character was just dead. She wasn’t quirky when she spoke. She wasn’t exciting. She wasn’t anything. And now point 3.

3. If you can’t have original characters, at least give me a good plot.

Yeah. Walk of the Spirits didn’t do that. It gaveme a teacher who gave an assignment which to lead to some bonding and the main character fell in love with the bad boy with a “dark past” and “secrets of his own” and there were some ghosts and junk. It was not original. It was not well written. There was nothing holding this book together. It just lacked some fundamental creativity.

And from what the back said about Cusick’s other books, the whole ghost thing is something she done before. A lot. Which makes me wonder why she thought it was necessary to turn out another book about ghosts.

Mainly, I think that Cusick wanted to have a kind of scary romance tragedy thing, but she didn’t manage any of that. She spread herself to thin. Thus, the romance was silly sounding and weird. The ghost part seemed over done. And the main character spent way too much time dwelling on her “tragic” past, where everything she owned was destroyed in a FL hurricane. I’m sorry that she had to go through that, but really, the way it was written didn’t get sympathy from me. It got “get over it” from me.

This book could have been a lot better.

And in fact, this kind of thing has been done before and it’s been better.

Some recommendations to read instead.

 For suspenseful romance with a thriller-kind-of- scary thing read:

 Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray and Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marilier 


For a story with ties to the past and mystery read:

A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelley, The Golden Comaps by Philip Pullman, and The Giver by Louis Lowry 


For a story about people with “dark pasts” and their relationships with others (which was something this book wanted to have) read:

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen, Dreamland by Sarah Dessen, Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, and Looking For Alaska by John Green


See? There are tons of books out there that managed to pull of elements of what this tried to have. All of the listed above, I highly recommend. They’re all very good reads.

So my final thoughts: Barely there potential. It could have been good (not great) but it died. I couldn’t make it past chapter 2, and I just skimmed through the rest, reading the parts I could stand. And you know a book is bad when you get a complete idea of what it was about by skimming. And I wanted you to understand that I never as a rule skim. In fact, I can count the number of times that I have. A book has got to be bad for me to do that. And this one just was. Sorry to any fans, but it was.

Ri’s rating:

Q 1/2 /QQQQQ

1.5 /5

This doesn’t deserve an amazon link, or a scale, but here they are anyways.

0. Couldn’t get past chapter one for fear of wanting to kill myself. Book induced suicide…

1: Yuck. Ew. Below Average. Probably didn’t even read the middle and skipped to the end.

2. Ok. Would’ve been better if I’d written the ending and everything else.

3. Not bad at all. Very enjoyable. Quite nice. Recommendable.

4. My kind of book. Near ideal, but something was a little off (annoying names, bad ending, that sort of thing).

5. WOW. Makes me wonder why people watch T.V when this is out there. Really liked it. Don’t expect to see this often.

6 and above. What I want my book to be.

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  1. Alice the Anomalous

     /  July 29, 2009

    Bad books are bound to be out there. If we didn’t have bad books, what would make use distinguish between the good ones and stuff like this? I kinda wanna read this one for myself to see how bad it really is. I trust your judgement, but lately I’ve had a serious lack of interesting material to read.
    Care for any recommendations?
    Response to Answers:
    -No: Okay then.
    -Yes: You could try something by A.M. Jenkins. She’s one of my favorite authors and her main characters aren’t BLAH (in my opinion anyway, but that’s up to you). I’ve only read two books by her, but I loved them both. I stumbled onto Night Road by chance (told in third person, but it was great the first time i read it) and I found Repossessed in the library one day (it’s told in first person by a “Fallen Angel”. It’s a quick read showing how weird daily life is in a non-human’s POV). I dunno if you liked them, but I did.

    books with romance and or “romance”: (It’s not really romance that you would call…”good”.)
    There’s the House of the Night series. I don’t really think it’s that well written and it’s not that original character wise, thought I’m sure the authors meant to put in diversity with the main grouping of characters. I hate the main character because she’s pretty 2D even though she manages to have 3 boyfriends at one point in the series *yes, i read that far, and yes, i know she sounds like a floozy*. She’s just your boring good girl next door with a temper against wrongdoers and cynical people who she mistakes for “bad” people. Typical bitch as a rival, but I happen to like Aphrodite better than Zoey *the main character* because she knows what she wants and is straightforward. She would have been awesome if she weren’t a stereotypical blonde rich girl.
    The first book is called “Marked” by P.C. and Kristin Cast.
    They incorporate some Cherokee culture into the story and the plot itself is “good must triumph over evil” but it’s original….in a way. My rating? About 3 stars, about average. P.C.’s daughter, Kristin helps her write it so it sounds more authentic to a teenaged reader *nice try…..but only intelligent people read*, but it just ended up being annoying because I could tell who’s writting what when i read a part about Zoey dreaming about Johnney Depp *trufax, that DID happen*

    • Ri

       /  July 29, 2009

      hey! it’s good to hear from you!

      walk of the spirits wasn’t awful but there was something about it that i just hated about it. maybe if i had nothing else to read, i might have gone through with it, but when there was the Lord of the Rings temptation and all those creepy gollum scenes to read…well, you can guess which one won out

      recently, i’ve been reading a lot of romances (perhaps becuase my lack of a love life?) and i’ve run into so many of those characters that just suck, so i suppose i just kind lost it with “Walk of the Spirits”.

      hmm. you’re recommendations sounds good. i always like it when people give me reasons (like you did) to read a book. the Repossed book actually sounds pretty good. In fact, I’m putting it on hold right after I post this. This A.M Jenkins woman sounds pretty good.

      Sometimes, as an aspiring author, I read these bad books and think, “Well hey, if they can get published, then so can I.” But then at times, I feel like they are so busy publishing all these Stephanie Meyer knockoffs and Lord of the Ring stealers that they’ll overlook my book. Gah. I don’t know how to feel.
      If only I could get to work and finish the darn thing…
      Well, I finished a draft but I’m editing it now and some parts are so bad that I have to rewrite them completely.
      Anyways, I should probably go back to pretending to work.

      –Galixor out!—

      • Alice the Anomalous

         /  July 29, 2009

        I usually try to stay away from romances I know I wouldn’t like. And with most romances, I happen to not like them. I dunno if that’s how having a love life is like *has no love life either* but that’s not really how I envision love at all….. *or maybe I just have overly high standards….it could be both.*
        Just a thought. I remember watching the move “The Other Boleyn Girl” and i realized that it was a book too. Ring any bells? I hated the movie. It’s not like it was a bad movie or anything. I just hated it because I was averse to all that sexist olden day crap they pulled back then because women were pretty much used for power gain. I was reading a blog that made a pretty good point.
        The movie pretty mcuh showed: “If you were disobidient and not meek, you’d be raped and if you were a good girl, your lover would be gentle.” -(AM Jenkins’ blog)
        What kinf of moral is THAT?! It just ticks me off. I was really surprised to see that she had the same reaction as me.
        Invasion of knockoffs? I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. The whole teen section at the bookstore I go to is swarmed with knockoffs. Most good books I find, I happen to find by chance in this sea of knockoffs. The thing is, they should be more concerned about selling an original story than selling MORE MORE MORE stuff. That only lasts a little amount of time before people take the hint *I know, i didnt know people could think either, but eventaully they will notice something is OFF* that they’re merely trying to make money off these not so good books. So when that doesnt work, they’ll look for something new.
        Turh be told, I haven’t written anything good in awhile. I think I’m in recooperating mode instead of work mode. I’m collecting my thoughts for when i have something decent to write, improving my vocabulary day by day by reading fanfictions from authors that are actually bette than the stuff i read in books. Makes me wonder how they arent published….. This is just one big PAUSE i cant get over, and i dont know why. I dont feel like I’m going anywhere. It just seems the same every day. *zero percent progress* I could blame my laziness, or I could blame this speck of this feeling of not moving forward. But actually, the stimulating conversation in a short amount of time does make me feel a little bit more at ease. As always i like talking to ya :D.
        I’m getting off subject here….where was I? Oh, yes, romances! I just can’t understand all this romance people write. Even with Shakespeare, were Romeo and Juliet REALLY in love? Or were they just using each other as outlets because they didnt have control over their lives? *I cant really remember how juliet’s life was screwed, but romeo’s was…gaahhh, I’ve been watching the anime version now and I keep getting the two stories confused.*
        I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert…….
        I have gone over the line!
        I’ve sullied my innocence.
        I’ve….I dunno what I’ve done!
        obsessed with yaoi now.
        Does that make me a bad person?! IS IT WRONG?!
        No….. that just means ….I’m a pervert. A shameless and very entertained perver that regrets nothing but regret.
        Damn Axis Powers Hetalia for doing this to me…I just had to read those doujinishi of UK didn’t I? I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.I’m a pervert.

        I’m gonna hit the hay before i say anymore.
        -Alice the Anomalous

      • Ri

         /  July 30, 2009

        This is why you rock: becuase you are not ignorant to the sucky knockoff books. I know exactly what you mean when you say that you really have to hunt to find good books. There is this store that I go to called Elliot Bay Bookstore, and they carry a lot of quirky non knockoff stuff; I find a lot of good books there. And then I go back home and get them off Amazon (’cause it’s cheap) or I ask for them for my birthday. But that store carries great stuff and it’s so strange. The floors are old and creaky and they have this HUGE used book section and all this great character too it. It’s one of my favorite stores. They carry the good originals (like twilight and Harry potter) but non of the knockoffs. I guess since they’re not a chain they don’t have room for stuff like that. Or maybe becuase if you’re looking for a knockoff you aren’t the kind of person that would go there. Anyways, it’s a great store.

        I don’t think reading yaoi is a bad thing. You’re not a pervert. Ever wonder why it’s okay for guys to watch porn and crap like that and be all “omg girl on girl”, but as soon as girl reads something like yaoi it’s bad. We live in such a sexist society and we don’t even know it. Gah.

        I watched the Other Boleyn Girl and I liked it and didn’t like it at the same time. I enjoyed the historical bit of it, but the whole Henry raping Anne and the fear she had to feel becuase women were pretty much tools at that time, really fustrated me– becuase some girls still let themselves be treated that way now! There’s this girl in my class and she’s an average sort of pretty, and there’s this guy named Roscoe who was making her do this kind of stripper dance-esque thing and I was just appalled. Didn’t she realize she was just being used right there? I mean, she didn’t even care at all that what she was doing was lude and just adjashdasjdhasjkdhasjkd. Arg. She just wanted to get herself out there. I can’t believe that women like Susan B. Anthony would spend their days fighting for equal wages and rights for the girls of today to act like this. It pisses me off.

        But, a good historical one was Elizabeth: the Golden Age. I liked it because Elizabeth was strong and powerful. Buuuuut she also was unable to really have love becuase of that. Still it was a cool movie, if not entirely historically correct.

        I like for romances to be…well romantic. But I absolutely cannot stand gooey yucky cheesy teenage i-love-you-even-though-i-barely-know-you-let’s-do-it books. I burn those books. With my eyes. Laser beam power.

        Mostly, with romances, you have to hunt for good ones. Like, Twlight was good. But after the first one, it wasn’t as great. I still read and enjoyed it, but I’m not obsessed, especially since that crap movie came out. I will admit the ending was a little dissapointing to me and sometimes I wanted to slap Bella. But, the first book, Twilight was good.

        I like romances where it’s kind of a sub plot, like an action/adventure/romance book. There was a book, Airborne by Kenneth Oppel, that was like that. I loved that book. And one I’m re-reading now, Wildwood Dancing was a good story, with a touch of romance. Actually, when it comes down to it, I almost prefer A Great and Terrible Beauty to the Twilight series, just becuase it was less gooey and yet still, I dunno, romantic?

        Hmmm. Have you ever realized that our comments combined are probably long enough to make up a short book? Yet, I know for a fact, I can’t make ’em any shorter for the world. Talking with you is just…invigorating? I dunno. I guess I just have a lot to say….

        Want to hear something weird? When I write to you, somehow, I imagine your face as Toph’s but not blind. Weird, right? A lot of people say I’m like Azula (manipulative, and scary, and I guess, if Azula had Katara’s skin, I’d look like her too).

        Yeah, anyways. I should get off now. Becuase this comment is getting out of control. Farewell for now!

        –Azula (?)

      • Alice the Anomalous

         /  July 30, 2009

        You’re absolutely right about the yaoi thing. On deviantart, I used to talk to this guy because the comments he left on my friend’s pictures were really interesting and TRUE. Then recently I read through all the memes he posted on his journal and learned he trashes himself (drinking, drugs, other stuff that makes digs an early grave, has a pron collection, etc.) but besides that he seems like a good guy. I personally drugs are a no-no unless if you have a headache and need some advil/tylenol/etc or if you take daily vitamins or if you’re seriously sick with something, the stuff that you need medicine and stuff for. (I have no idea how this topic relates to guys reading porn, but this guy apparently has a collection of it). I think he’s being a moron for doing drugs, but he is right about a few things because the friend of mine whose picture he commented on’s life is in constant turmoil. I dunno if she makes it a bigger deal than it has to be, but she cuts herself. I remember she wanted to read a book about cutting called Willow ( i think i saw that book somewhere on your blog here….. i could be wrong) and I recall hearing that people who cut dont do it because they want to die, it’s because they want to live, or something like that. That was what the comment was about, it occured to me how stupid a person’s actions can be and yet how well they can handle another person’s situation.
        In short, I think he’s a bum with a good/decent heart. That was blunt, I know, but that crap is bad for you. Being a good person doesn’t justify anything but being a good person. *harsh tone*.
        A friend of mine noticed that my rants alone were long enough to be compled into one book. Our comments together would make a great seller, don’t you think?
        I was a little bummed out when you deleted your lj because it had all our comments (minus the ones on mine) on it. I remember holding out a really long “NOOOOOOOoooooo!” because of the loss. Hahaha. Plenty more than that came from. Well, I’ve always thought we’d be able to make a book from our combined posts because it’d be fracking cool. The idiots that are suddebly nice to us just because we publish it? No free signed copies for them.
        I have realized that I look a little bit like Toph *except not blind, yet very close to it. I have horrible eyesight, ack.* I’m short too. I was exactly the same height as her when i was 12 (and now I’m feeling old). I kind of have features of both Katara and Azula too. I’ve got a braid (Katara) and the bang thingies Azula *had* before she chopped them off and my face just looks like Toph’s, being the short asian girl I am. I’m not creative (or dilligent) enough to be manipulative, though I have my moments of brilliance.
        I’m a little sexist against my own gender, completely because if I have to be a girl, I don’t want to be represented by THOSE kinds of girls that treat themselves the way you were talking about. I’m all for having the same rights as men, but I cannot stand dealing with those types of girls. I’m sexist against THOSE girls. When i come across people that respect themselves and others, i have no problem with what gender they are. I just hate how those people act. It’s not completely their fault, I suppose since they picked it up from somewhere, like cable TV. Nothing good ever shows up on cable, i swear. I’m just going all over the place, but that doesnt matter.

        I have mixed feelings about Twilight. Factors like rabid fantards and Bella’s….bellaness and indecisiveness….and eventually how I started to dislike how the author wrote so simply (the idea was original though, i have to give S.M credit for that) started making me like Twilight less and less. Don’t get me wrong, I still love characters like Carlisle, Japser, and Alice *I dont even care that she’s too cheery and has my name* Maybe if Twilight centered a little less about goofy stuff going on in Bella’s head, and more about…something I’d like to have going around in Bella’s head, I’d see it in a better light right now. Most of the things that i dislike about the fandom, i didnt think about the first time i read. I just thought “hey, a good looking, long read. I’ll try it out and take it for face value”. Most of the things, I’d really have to take awhile to think about and debate. I didn’t think about how it was sexist in a way because I’m not bella. My actions would have differed greatly from hers.

        I own all three of the A great and terrible beauty books. I ended up not liking any of the characters much but read on just because i wanted to know what happens. I dunno why with these types of romances that arent “gooey yucky cheesy teenage i-love-you-even-though-i-barely-know-you-let’s-do-it” I always end up wanting to bitch slap the main character at times. I just DO. I know people aren’t meant to be perfect like those mary sues in fanfiction, but the naivety ticks me off. Yes, i know they will never be as awesome as you or me and end up kicking ass and having a nice ending with all limbs still intact, but it’d be nice to have a hero/herione that’s complex with flaws of his/her own that doesnt end up screwing up because they’ve gone through enough to know better.
        I know in AGTB, it was england (one of my top three nations in hetalia!) and in that era that was how society was. Well, screw society. I dont care if my hair color is the “wrong” color and i dont care if my clothes arent “in” (silly mortals, you’re supposed to wear clothes on the outside, not in!). Sure, the expectations at that time did influence how those characters turned out, but it’s not that different from now, except it’s america and the clothes are more modern and we dont marry off people like animals that often anymore.

        Where i live, there used to be this shop called Harry Schwartz’s. After I found out about it, it of course, closed down. I didnt have the chance to browse through the place like I wanted to because the staff kept asking me “can i help you” and I’d be going “No.” If i wanted help i would have asked and I’ll give them the money when i go up to the counter. There’s also this used book store (it’s a chain called half priced books and the stuff there depends on what they sell locally). I’m hoping to rely on amazon in the future. When i find stuff, I try to find it in the bookstore before i order online. Saves me shipping money, and unforntunately, not tax.

      • Ri

         /  July 30, 2009

        Oh no! I didn’t even think about saving my live journal comments!!!!! I might still have some in my email because they sent me updates when people posted…hopefuly I still have them…oh gosh. I wish I had remembered that!

        I almost pity that guy, but I totally agree with you; that being a good person only justifies being a good person. And I wish that good people wouldn’t do things like that. I don’t even know him, but all I can do is feel that he won’t be helping society by doing drugs and crap like that. I just wish we could destroy all those industries. I hate them. And I hate what they do to people. These messed up kids in my piano teacher’s neighborhood burnt down four houses on the 4th of July because they were drunk and drug-addicted and couldn’t realize that lighting fireworks and tossing them into the air wasn’t a good idea.

        yeah, I did read Willow. And from what the book told me, it seemed the like the character was cutting herself to make herself feel the physical pain to blank out the mental pain and guilt she was feeling. I don’t understand selfdestructive people. I just can’t comprehend why someone would want to do that to themselves, although I suppose I’ve had a pretty easy life so far, so i’ve never really felt the need. Maybe if I was repeatedly raped then I could see that as something I would want to do to forget everything else.

        I am so crazy manipualtive and I have a power complex too. You can see why people would think me like Azula. Plus at times, i know I can be very mean. But, I’ve gotten a lot better at controling that. I was horrible back in 6th grade when I didn’t really bully people but I was just a jerk that used people and gossiped and jerked. And I didn’t even have the excuse of being popular and dumb! I just did it. I was the smart cold mean b*tch. I’m a lot better now. 7th grade made me nice(r) but I still have a power problem. Like when we watch TV or movies, I always have to have the remote.
        I dunno why. I just do. I like to be in control, I suppose. I am an alright leader.

        About nothing good on cable, I must disagree (*laughs nervously*) I must admit that I watch Hannah Montanna every Sunday at 8. I thought it was a dumb show until it got funny and now we just watch it, my brothers and I. You can understand now, why I am not popular. I just like way to many out-there things…like reading. And anime. And Hannah Montanna. Buuuuuuut I don’t care what anyone else thinks, ’cause I love all those things and that’s just who I am.

        Bella who-do-I-love thing is what turned me off the other books. I wanted to slap her. And I too, despise the rabbid fans, especially those who bought movie t-shirts. Weirdly enough, the entire goth (not to be sterotyping here, but they dress in that typical way and act i dunno, gloomy?) population at my school, I swear, owns a Twilight movie shirt. I want to slap them because that movie was crap!!!!

        I think, if my book ever gets published, you might enjoy it, because I absolutely adore my main character. She is very strong and independent and cunning and smart. I based a lot of her mannerisms off me, actually. And I gave her a lot of my flaws, like my need to have things my way and my power problems and my stubborness and my unwillingness to let people help me (I don’t know why, but I just like to do things on my own). She’s a nice girl to strangers, though a little mean to the people she loves.

        The main boy character is a lot more sensative than the girl. Actaully, I think he ends up crying more than any other character. He’s just kinda conflicted. He can’t help it. I pity him and love him at the same time. He’s not a wimp, he just knows that violence can’t solve every problem.

        Omg. I’m talking about my character like they are real. I am going insanse. Seriously, writing a book makes you crazy. It really really does. And when you spend so much time with those people…well. I think I know them better than I know some of my friends.

        Add all the time I spend inside with my characters and my crazy, uncontrollable imagination and you get me, talking about fictional beings like their real. Although, in a way, they are real to me. A lot of them are based off people I know.

        Hmm. Another hugely long ramble about my story. I have got to stop doing that. we have 1/2 priced books here too and sometimes I sell stuff to them. People think that because I like to read, i’ll read anything. Oh how wrong they are. I am picky. Reading is like dating for me: I have my standards and I won’t just read any book.

        Oh, god. How lame is that. Reading is like dating? Hell, made up make-out scenes are probably as close as I’ll get to the real thing! I need a life. Actually, I love my life. I just need to explore some different aspects of it. Such as not treating every guy I know like my little brothers… that might help. But so many of my guy friends just need a girl that they can talk to and be cool with. So, that’s me. And actually, I don’t mind. I’m not in any hurry to change my single status. I like the way I spend my Friday nights and I like spending time with my family. I am soooo not the regular teenage girl. Ah well. It’s probably better this way. Better chance that I’ll study and get into Columbia.

        Holy guacamole!
        i was supposed to go back down stairs 20 minutes ago (i’m babysitting right now).

        keep up the good work (where did that come from? why did i just type that?)

        galixor out!

      • Alice the Anomalous

         /  July 30, 2009

        I didn’t think of going into my email because I *probably* didn’t delete “someone has posted a commnet on your LJ” alerts! *dom* I never delete those just in case something went haywire with lj. Internet might be half of my life, but I’m still paranoid about it. I never delete my “sent” messages even when i look back i think I was a fool for being…..foolish.
        I used to have this problem where I’d say very violent things and procalim that I’d rule the world *half of that is still true, and my violent ways have only gotten better.* I’m better at making that into comedy instead of really meaning it. Because back then, i really hated how i was treated by my “friends”. That was in elementary school. In middle school *which i have finished as of june!* I observed all those people I used to play with on the playground. They’re all screwed. I can only see that they haven’t become better people and they haven’t gotten any less stupid. (Three years of school does change you academically, i guess, but the mentality is still pretty much the same as children). Back then, i didn’t have any confidence in myself, teachers called me the “Shy” one. What, not wanting to talk to total strangers automatically makes you “shy”?! I don’t like the connotation of the word. It’s not like I’m mute. I could talk. It’s not like I wasn’t proficient at english. It’s easy. Most people dont even know the difference in usage between the subject (I) and the direct object, (me). Whom and who? forget about it. Add one letter, and people get confused.

        My everlasting hate against all that is distortioning to the self, ah how I missed thee. Talking to you puts me in a good again. Eighth grade drained me out. Everything pretty much rendered down to whom I could trust and whom I needed to leave behind and break all contact with. There were a lot of battles I couldn’t win. The population of 14 year olds here aren’t very bright these days. I had this one friend, named Kirsten *whom I have blocked, but she borrowed my manga, so i have to talk to her eventaully…..i never thought of that until now….damn* who is really mean to her mom. I liked her mom, she was really nice and paid for my lunch at applebees when i spent the night over. But! My friend acted like a jerk towards her mom and only used her to get money andbe entertained. Fun, that’s all that mattered to her. Well, hon, fun ain’t life *forgive the gaangsta grammar, I like using it* Then she THINKS *wow* she has the right to tell ME how to spend MY money *the stuff i EARNED, which is more than i can say for her*!!!!!!!!!~
        THATS WHERE I DRAW THE FRACKING LINE. She holds no value for anything. That annoys me a great deal. What a pin head. She would have been a great ally, but she was a little on the B average side *unacceptable* and really annoying. I couldn’t handle it. She had alot of my interests too like anime and video games and hell, pokemon even. Now I’m at this point where I hate her personality most ardently. She freaks out when someone has a different opinion from her. Such a brat!!!!!!! We’re not HER!
        She kept calling me “asian”. I know it’s true, but you dont have to say it to me everyday. I mean, sheesh, look at me! Do i look “not asian” to you?! You gotta look at what’s obvious, no? So in return i called her “russian” because she’s half russian and the other half is a whole mix of europe. There’s a myth I have about me that all russians hate me, and that’s why we always used to fight over stupid stuff like “oh alice, you’re so mean”. That’s the most original thing I’ve ever heard, ne? No not really. That’s a five year old’s line! Seriously!? Can no one use bigger words than “mean”?!?! We’re adults, so lets swear like fine adults!
        Thankfully I had someone to back me up. My other friend Ashley would always avoid Kirsten and Nina at my house (no one of non annoynace<—that means she's annoying too) by watching A Haunting dvds, eating pasta (my recipe) and (not gossiping) ranting behind their backs (it's the truth, a monkey could see that!)
        There, a whole part of a rant about my personal life lately. (this was about a few weeks ago. Days go by like the wind) I feel liberated since I ditched the annoying ones. People have such PROBLEMS and they dont even realize it! How can i stand that?!
        Right, Self destrcutive people. I don't get them either. I never had the need to do any of that stuff to myself because i figured all the stuff that happened wasnt my fault, and nothing was going to change unless if I made it change. I guess I DID get something from my family. The overwhelming sense of self worth.
        It's alright to like hannah montana. It's pretty mcuh the fans (you know the type) that I hate. I HAVE watched it before, and it can be funny at times (what ever happened between milet and that jake ryan guy?! I must know! Really, that was the whole reason why i watched)
        Don't worry about thinking about your characters that way. I DO TOO. In my head, my main character is a lot like me too, and I'm playing the role in my head like one of those visual novels as I interact with other characters, i.e. the main guy characters. I have a lot f stories going on, so sometimes I switch in between the characters. Hell, I even act as a guy character sometimes because I CAN, I created them and I can easily destroy them! *i'd never do that though. I love my characters*. I know my characters better than my friends too. I made them so they were like real people (well, not like REAL people in the sense that they're vain and selfish and BLAH). I just wanna write an AU where all my characters are put into this mansion on an island and a slaughter fest mystery commences and themain characters have to find out what or who is doing it. I'd hate for them to all die, but it makes a good story. I'd love to see intereaction between different stories. *is a fantard of her own creation* hahahahaha.
        I'm still single. I see all these classmates of mine becoming……not single and I don't really see why they're wasting their time on this "Dating". If I dated, which I don't, for various complex reasons I could start ranting about, but to stay on subject, I'll refrain from, I'd look for a connection first and then get into it. I'm just not comfortable with the terms "Date" and "boyfriend". To me these relationships are just….not what I want. Casual and most of the time meaningless. It'd be awesome to have a love life, but normal teenage stuff like that freaks me out. It's so….loose (if that's the word you're willing to use). Then again, I like having my ME time, so it'd be a little self ruining to spend time with people I usually dont spend time with.

        I'm off to orgainze my bookshelf. It just doesn't look right!

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