Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review

 I am a big fan of the books; I’ve read each about 7 times. Yeah. BIG fan.

Anyways, I thought the movie was very well done. Really loved it.

I like what David Yates is doing here. Excellent screen writing. Good script. Teriffic acting.

There was like, 2 parts I didn’t like out of the entire movie, which was around 2 1/2 hours long,

but it felt like 5 minutes.

Which for me, definately means it was good.

Best part about Yates: He doesn’t put everything from the books into the movies.

Meaning, if you haven’t read them, then you are left with a little mystery. Kind of suspense.

But if you have read them, his work is even better than good. It’s excellent.

Now, for some other things:

Love this song — Wake Up by Arcade Fire

Love this new band— The Wombats

Love this trailer— Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Theif

Love those books too— Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Love this: Summer.

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